The Periodic Table of Presidents

Hi, my name is Griffin!

After years of studying presidential history, I thought it would be fun to put together a Periodic Table of the Presidents. I enjoyed putting together the table so much, that I turned it into a painting for my wall. Then, with the help of Kickstarter, ran off a poster print of the table. The poster has been sent to over twelve countries and all but one state -- it's now in classrooms across the world! The Periodic Table of the Presidents helped spark a creative project,, that has the goal of providing teachers around the world with fun, interesting and free posters to help them teach their students the wonders of history and political science.

Take a look at the table and enjoy exploring presidential history as much as I have! And when you’re done, considering buying a poster. Money made from the poster goes toward helping keep up this website, and to donating educational posters across the world. If you are a teacher and you'd like a poster sent to your classroom, please fill out a request in the contact section.